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USA Independence Day

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Category: USA Independence Day 2018 Questions and Answers

USA Independence Day 2018 Questions and Answers

So, you suspect you’re a good patriot. Your table fabricdesserts and even your jammies will be crimson, white and blue this weekend and you’ll shout “u.s.a.america!” during the Olympics even for sports you don’t care about.

incrediblebut before you ice the beer and fasten the potato salad for the large holiday barbequestrive your hand at Spin control’s annual Independence Day trivia quiz, which we provide each 12 months as a holiday from politics.

It has 13 questions, one for every revolt colony. a few are pretty cleana few a chunk hardersolutions are within the publishunderneathbut no peeking. simplest a Tory could cheat.

1. We celebrate July Fourth as Independence Day because that’s the day:

A. Colonists tossed the tea in Boston Harbor;

B. Patrick Henry declared “Give me liberty or give me death!”;

C. The Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence:

D. The American Revolution ended.

2. Which of the following happened after the colonies declared their independence?

A. George Washington took command of the Continental Army;

B. The Minutemen fought British regulars at Lexington and Concord;

C. The Battle of Bunker Hill;

D. American troops spent a hard winter at Valley Forge.

3. When we set off fireworks to celebrate Independence Day, we’re following a tradition that dates back to what country?

A. Great Britain

B. China

C. Rome

D. Greece

4. Where was the Continental Congress meeting when it declared independence?

A. Washington, D.C.

B. New York

C. Boston

D. Philadelphia

5. Which of the following phrases are NOT found in the Declaration of Independence?

A. We the people of the United States. . .

B. When in the course of human events. . .

C. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. . .

D. Our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor…

6. Who reportedly said “I have not yet begun to fight”?

A. George Washington

B. Nathan Hale

C. John Paul Jones

D. Benedict Arnold

7. Who was king when the colonies declared independence?

A. George I

B. George II

C. George III

D. George IV

8. The declaration lists a series of grievances the colonists had against the king. Which was NOT one of them?

A. Imposing taxes without their consent;

B. Suspending colonial legislatures;

C. Sending lots of government officials to harass them;

D. Ordering them to surrender their firearms.

9. Which of the following was NOT one of the original 13 colonies?

A. New York

B. New Jersey

C. New Hampshire

D. New Mexico

10. What southern city refused to celebrate July 4 for more than 80 years?

A. Vicksburg

B. Richmond

C. Atlanta

D. Chattanooga

11. During the American Revolution, the British supplemented their troops with paid soldiers from:

A. France

B. Germany

C. Poland

D. Russia

12. John Adams was George Washington’s vice president. Thomas Jefferson was Adams’ veep. Who was Jefferson’s vice president when he was first elected?

A. John Adams

B. James Madison

C. Aaron Burr

D. Alexander Hamilton

13. How many colonies ratified the Declaration of Independence on July 4?

A. 7, it only took a simple majority;

B. 9, it took a two-thirds majority;

C. 12, one colony held out;

D. All 13.

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Fireworks on Independence Day

For the first time in two decades, the traditional Independence Day fireworks hosted at Washingup-to-the-minuten-on-the-Brazos nation Park will no longer be taking vicinity.

alternatively, park representatives have organized up to the moment take the cash and planning from the summer season occasion and reallocate them up to the moment make bigger the once a year Texas Independence Day celebrationeach March and the newly mounted Juneteenth up-to-the-minuteup to the moment birthday party.

Park spokeswoman Dianne Powell defined that during 1998 when the fireworks show started, there were not many bigIndependence Day opportunities for human beings in the surrounding community, and the event drew in manyhouseholds. Now, thoughsuch a lot of up to the moment and agencies surrounding the park are web hosting their owncomparable indicates, the nearby fireworks birthday celebration scene has up to date oversaturated.

Fireworks display sponsors with HEB do not want all of the patriotic fun of the event up to the moment simply disappear, even though. The business may be taking the money that is frequently donated up-to-the-minutewards the show, and directing it up-to-the-minute 2up to the moment different Washingup-to-the-minuten-on-the-Brazos celebrations.

“We want up to date have a much better [Texas Independence Day] with greater leisure,” Powell stated. “… We additionally want up to date this as a way up to the moment introduce this 2nd annual Juneteenth occasionwe hopeeveryone will mark their calendars up to the moment pop out for that.”

whilst Texas Independence Day has already handed for the 12 months, Juneteenth may be June 19 with Washingup to daten-on-the Brazos hosting an occasion on June 23. Juneteenth marks the abolition of slavery in america‘s up to the moment, and Washingup to the momentn-on-the-Brazos will have a couple of possibilities for families up to the momentengage in a laugh and academic sports.

The Juneteenth hisupup to the moment party will kick off at 10 a.m. June 23 and lasts via four:30 p.m. up to date can revel in foodartlive jazz and gospel songclassic video games from the 1830, and craft-making for youngsterstransient well-knownshows can be on show, describing the Underground Railroad and exploring the up to date of African-American styleand training. Artists and hisupup to the moment speakers will deliver presentations, and “Buffalo soldiers” from the Buffalo Soldier country wide Museum in Housup-to-the-minutemay be handy.

Ethan Hawke exhibits the only purpose He turned Down Independence Day
Ethan Hawke is probably a 4-time Oscar nominee however that doesn’t imply he has no regrets approximately his career.

As he reveals tonight (June 1) on the BBC’s The Graham Norup to the momentdisplay, Hawke turned down the chanceup-to-the-minute audition for iconic blockbuster Independence Day up to date he notion it would be “horrible“.

“No-one can teach you up to date select elements,” he says. “I as soon as examine the script for Independence Day and mocked it up to date up-to-the-minute boastful and thought it horrible.

a group of human beings sitting posing for the camera: The Graham Norup to datedisplay, Toni Collette, Ethan Hawke, Aidan Turner, Jo brand © furnished by using Hearst Communications, Inc The Graham Norup-to-the-minuteshow, Toni Collette, Ethan Hawke, Aidan Turner, Jo brand
when the movie came out I went to peer it with my female friend up-to-the-minuteup to the moment it up to the moment be lousy – and it was a big hit.

“After the film she said, ‘you are an idiot.’ i have blown it so many times!”

luckily, one component he did decide up to the moment tackle turned into his function as shy pupil Todd Anderson in 1989 hit useless Poets Society, which Hawke describes as “make or damage for me”.

“I told my sister that if I failed upup to the moment get the position then i’d join the marines or something,” he recalls.

a collection of humans posing for a up to datelifeless Poets Society © Francois Duhamel – Getty snap shots useless Poets Society
happilyup to the moment he did get castmeaning that he up-to-the-minutegot upup to the moment with the late Robin Williams, who performed inspirational teacher John Keating.

And Hawke speaks very especially of his co-celebrity, calling him “fairly humorouscomfortable and resourceful“.

“The more the group laughed the more he completed,” he said. “however I surely desired up to the moment be a criticalacup to dater and had read Stanislavski. I wanted up to date be in individual so did not snort at him.

Robin Williams et al. sitting in the front of a window: Robin Williams in dead Poets Society (1989) © Touchsup-to-the-minutene up to date – Getty images Robin Williams in lifeless Poets Society (1989)
“The funnier he became, the more steam got here out of my ears. He actually teased me about it and i idea he hated me.

“After the film got here out I got a call from Robin’s agent asking up to date me as Robin had informed him i used upup to the moment going up to the moment be someone in the future. He was a adorable mild man.”

up to date interview airs on the Graham Norup to datedisplay this night (June 1) at 10.35pm on BBC One, with Aidan Turner, Jo logo and Toni Collette additionally guesting.

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Ethan Hawke famous the only purpose he became down Independence Day role and he’s regretted it seeing that.: Ethan Hawke famous why he grew to become down Independence Day © supplied by means of Hearst Communications, Inc Ethan Hawke exhibits why he grew to become down Independence Day
Ethan Hawke ‘mocked’ Independence Day Script due upup to the moment He become ‘arrogant

Ethan Hawke said he has “blown it so commonly” in his profession by means of letting up-to-the-minute film roles passhim with the aid of.

The acup to the momentr, 47found out he study the script for 1996 technological know-how fiction blockbuster Independence Day, which starred Will Smith, however said he “mocked it up to date up to date boastful and notion it horrible”.

(left up-to-the-minute proper) Toni Collette, Ethan Hawke and Aidan Turner at some point of the filming of the Graham Norup to datedisplay (Isabel Infantes/PA)

He instructed The Graham Norup-to-the-minutedisplay: “while the movie got here out I went to see it with my girlfriendlooking ahead upup to the moment it up-to-the-minute be lousy and it was a huge hit. After the movie she said, ‘You’re an fool.’ i have blown it so regularly!”

Hawke reminisced about working with the late Robin Williams on useless Poet’s Society nearly 30 years ago.

He advised Norup to daten: “That movie turned into ‘make or destroy’ for me. I informed my sister that if I didn’t get the role then i would join the marines or some thing.

“Robin changed into surprisingly humorousrelaxed and innovative and improvised continuously. The extra the crewlaughed the more he carried out.

however I honestly wanted up to the moment be a serious acup to the momentr and had study Stanislavski. I desiredup-to-the-minute be in man or woman so didn’t chortle at him.

“The funnier he become, the greater steam got here out of my ears. He truly teased me about it and that i concept he hated me.

“After the film came out I were given a name from Robin’s agent asking up to date me as Robin had told him up to dategoing up-to-the-minute be a person one day. He became a lovely mild man.”

Hawke turned into promoting his latest movie First Reformed, that’s due for launch in uk in mid-July.

– Press affiliation

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